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Why you Should Use our Mobile Look-up Tool

With InstaGiv, it is not just text donations and that’s it; we have so much more to offer our clients including Mobile Lookup.

We have a mobile fundraising and engagement platform with various tools and feature to help improve your SMS donation journey and aid the success of your campaigns.

One of our popular tools is Mobile Lookup. Our platform records the full history trail of each mobile number who engages or donates to your campaigns with InstaGiv. Mobile Lookup has proved to be very beneficial when you have incoming calls or queries from your donors.

People may ask if their donation has went through successfully, if you can tell them the date of their last regular gift, if their supporter text has been received and so on.

Rather than you sift through hundreds of texts on your inbound report, you can easily ask the individual for their mobile number and type it into the Mobile Lookup tool. All of their interactions will be displayed in a table form with details including, dates, times, donation amounts, inbound texts, outbound texts and much more. This report is fully downloadable and is a great tool to have a hand as well as its effectiveness.

Below is an example of Mobile Lookup:

Mobile lookup
Mobile Lookup


We have also recently updated all of our product brochures, these are filled with info-graphics and are available for services such as; #Single Giving, Regular Giving, Competitions via SMS, Event Fundraising, Registration Keywords, Address Collection, Consent via SMS and Gift Aid.

Contact a member of our team today for your free copy; help@instagiv.com or call 028 7087 8220.

May Newsletter: Over £100,000 more raised since March with Instagiv

May was another fantastic for Instagiv as we watched our clients use our platform to raise an incredible amount of money for some of the country’s best charities.

With Summer well and truly on the way, you will see lots more outdoor charity events coming up in your area. If you haven’t thought about your summer fundraising plans just yet, check out our recent blog post on it.

We love helping our clients boost their funds with our expert SMS fundraising tools.

Money Raised

In May, the total amount raised was a phenomenal £201,870.50 from 98,051 inbound texts. This is an impressive £106,000 more since March with 61,542 more inbound texts. Our clients used the Instagiv platform to send out an incredible 290,813 texts over a range of different campaigns. Amnesty International is one of our key clients who use our outbound tool for advocacy, along with loads of other charities.

May 2018

 Don’t know what these stats mean? Let us explain:

Inbound text: The number of texts received from the public (supporters of our charity clients) who in text in donation to them.

Outbound texts: Texts that are sent from the InstaGiv platform to the public.

Amount raised: Total amount raised in May 2018.


If you’ve missed out on our recent blog posts, why not check out our top picks from the month below. You can keep up-to-date with our blog posts here.

Competitions via SMS with Instagiv

Why do charities continue to use SMS fundraising?

Popular products in May

The Outbound SMS tool is as popular as ever as we can clearly see in our recent stats. Hundreds of our clients use the Outbound SMS tool every day to send out texts to their supporters. Outbound SMS enables our clients to easily send a short message to thousands of contacts. They often use this product to appeal for donations, or to update their supporters on upcoming events or new campaigns.

Amnesty International is one of our key clients who use our outbound tool for advocacy, along with loads of other charities.

Why Instagiv?

InstaGiv works with over 300 organisations as one of the UK’s leading software providers for the charity sector.

We help them develop their engagement with their supporters and raise as much money as possible for their cause. Our range of tools – like the ability to run competitions, register supporters for events and more – means there are always new ways available to boost donations.

If you’d like to learn more about instaGiv’s platform and service, book a demo today.


Are your Supporters Fundraising on your Behalf?

Event Fundraising

Would you like to create a team of supporters to help generate more fundraising for your charitable cause? With event fundraising, you can create an army of supporters working together on your behalf.

Each supporter is given a unique code attach to a keyword, such as GIVE_H7Y5, which acts as a tracking device. This will capture their fundraising journey directly on the platform.  In real time, you can see exactly who is raising, which funds and when.


While issuing your supporters with sponsor forms and collection buckets is a great traditional way of collecting donations, why not step out of your comfort zone and become more mobile with Instagiv’s Event Fundraising tool?

The unique fundraiser code being H7Y5 will allow you to see how well each of your supporters are performing in gathering donations on your behalf. We also can provide a ‘Totalise Page’ that allows your supporters to visit the URL at any time, enter the keyword plus their unique code and view how much they have raised thus far. It is a fantastic way to keep your supporters motivated and show them exactly how well they are doing. By letting them see on-screen exactly how much they have fundraised so far, they will feel encouraged to keep on going and smash their targets.


It’s a simple but extremely effective way to fundraise in 2018, so why not see how beneficial it will be for your summer fundraising campaigns? It is that easy! Sign up for a live demo with our experienced Customer Services Manager, Caitriona, and she will show you exactly how to benefit from this brilliant feature.

For more information, check out our website at www.instagiv.com.

What summer fundraising ideas have you got in your pipeline?


It might be hard to believe but summer is actually on it’s way and if you haven’t already, you should start to think about your fundraising ideas for the next few months.

While it might be effective, standing on the street with collection buckets in the pouring rain just does not sound appealing to anyone. Fortunately for us, there are loads of other fundraising ideas that won’t involve a raincoat and an umbrella.

According to the Institute of Fundraisings most recent giving report, SMS donations are on the rise and with the help from Instagiv, we can get the most out of your text message campaigns. By creating a simple fundraising campaign with us, you can take the time and hassle out of fundraising, freeing up your staff and volunteers to use their time much more effectively.

They’re quick and easy, as well as being user friendly and have a very fast turnaround. Not only that, but Instagiv’s mobile fundraising and engagement platform will let you send donors a response message instantly, thanking them for their donation. You can enter information relevant to your charity response message, as well as adding a short URL link directing more traffic to your website if you wish.

By using Instagiv’s platform, you can log in, receive SMS donations from your keywords and track the progress of the campaigns in real time. Another great feature that we can offer you is to send outbound text messages to anyone who has previously donated and given consent to your campaigns, so you can create a long-standing relationship with your supporters. A quick text message can prove to be much more effective and prompt donations than a phone call. Just upload a list of phone numbers to the Instagiv platform and you can start to send out and schedule messages in advance, which is great when you are busy with other fundraising campaigns.

While it might seem that text messaging is a thing of the past, 90% of texts are read within three minutes of being sent and 98% will have been read by the end of the day. It is still an extremely effective marketing channel, which is also cheap and easy to set up and maintain. The great thing with SMS donations is that no matter how old it is, any mobile phone can receive a text message.

Regular giving, competitions via SMS, address capture, response SMS’, bulk outbound sends – we have it covered. Why not request a free live demo with our experienced customer service manager Caitriona, and see what Instagiv can do for you?

Fundraising via SMS – Awareness Days, Weeks and Months

Fundraising via SMS made easy

Year-round charities cram the calendar with awareness events to focus on certain causes in order to focus fundraising efforts.

They are a fantastic way to gather one-off donations and sign up supporters who want to support a particular cause, but maybe need a gentle reminder every now and then.

Fundraising via SMS

Fundraising via SMS – Covering the Calendar

Let’s take April as an example. It’s Stress Awareness Month, Bowel Cancer Awareness Month and IBS Awareness Month.

On top of that April contains Parkinson’s Awareness Week and Male Cancer Awareness Week. The month also plays host to World Autism Awareness Day (April 2), World Haemophilia Day (April 17) and World Malaria Day (April 25).

Every month is similar, with all kinds of worthy causes getting a chance to really make people aware of the good work they do and make a push for donations.

Fundraising via SMS – Single Giving

Awareness events is where instaGiv’s text donation tools really come into their own. Our Single Giving service gives charities a text shortcode which they can add to their marketing materials during the campaign.

Then all supporters need to do to make a one off donation is to send a simple text!

Single Giving has proved popular time and time again both with donors and with some of the UK’s largest charities including The British Red Cross. This is because it is a quick way to spread the message to loads and loads of potential supporters and a hassle-free way to gather lots of donations.

Fundraising via SMS with instaGiv

Setting up effective fundraising campaigns for awareness days or months couldn’t be easier with instaGiv.

It only takes half an hour for us to set up your SMS keyword and get fundraising.

We also aim to have all new accounts and requested keywords set up in the same working day.

To find out how instaGiv’s SMS tools can boost fundraising for your charity, why not Book a Demo?

The Joys of Spring Fundraising

Spring puts you in the mood for fundraising

Winter has finally come to an end in Portstewart. All the instaGiv staff are peeping out their wee heads again, blinking in disbelief and wonder at the vaguely familiar figure of the sun.

Fundraising is so much better in the sun

Now spring is here, many charities are also getting their fundraising campaigns going. Whether it’s a fun run or a charity picnic, people are now ready and willing to take part without needing to be defrosted first.

Whatever projects your charity may have in the pipeline in the coming months, instaGiv has some great ideas to really boost the donations they take in.

Fundraising – Single Giving

Our Single Giving feature allows charities to set up keywords in order to gather one-off donations from supporters. It has helped make collecting donations for big fundraising campaigns much, much easier, like Macmillan’s Ice Bucket Challenge.

We always recommend that charities dream up challenges like this. They are so engaging that they really help to stir supporters from the sofa and get them out of their comfort zone. And once they’re having fun, the message will soon spread to their friends and family, often via social media.

Single Giving is user-friendly for both the charity and donors. Using instaGiv’s fully-equipped platform charities can also measure the success of their campaigns and customise them to suit their needs. It’s affordable at £25+ VAT per month with a team at instaGiv always happy to help when needed.

Fundraising – Gift Aid

Gift Aid, Donations, InstaGiv

Using instaGiv’s Gift Aid Capture feature is another great tool for boosting donations. Supporters just have to fill in their details and then UK charities can claim 25p from the government for every £1 they receive in donations.

Our Gift Aid feature is automated and designed to be quick and easy for supporters to use. We’ve also made it easy for charities to keep track of their Gift Aid records and prepare them for HMRC.

Fundraising with instaGiv

Single Giving and Gift Aid are just two of the services that we currently offer to more than 300 charities.

To find out how our platform can help your charity, or to get some new ideas for fundraising, book a demo by visiting https://instagiv.com/contact/.

A Look at UK Charitable Giving in 2017

The latest CAF report reveals a lot of info on Charitable Giving

The most recent Charitable Giving report from the Charities Aid Foundation has revealed some interesting information about how people in the UK choose to donate to charities.

They interviewed around 12,000 people to build up a picture of the charity sector in the UK in 2017.

The CAF UK Giving 2018 report reveals the extent of charitable giving and provides information on the most popular methods and frequencies of donations.

The report shows that the total amount given to charity in 2017 was £10.3 billion, an increase from 2016’s figure of £9.7 billion.

Charitable Giving – When and How

The CAF also found that November and December were the months that saw the most donations, continuing a trend from 2016. They believe that this can be attributed to various popular campaigns during these months, including Movember and appeals during the Christmas period.

Donating cash continues to be the most common way of giving money to charity, with around 55% of people using this method in 2017. Yet this is slowly becoming less popular.

The report shows that most donors tend to give “from time to time”, around a quarter donate monthly, while just 4% give weekly. Around 13% of those interviewed said they rarely give to charity and about 5% said that they never donate.

Giving online or via text both saw increases over the year, particularly in April, November and December. These increases tended to be related to popular appeals like Comic Relief and Children in Need.

There remains a consistent number giving less regularly, with 13% saying they give to charity rarely and 5% stating that they never give.

Charitable Giving – Who Gives?

Some of the most interesting information in the report concerned the donations of different age groups. The data shows that 16% of people aged 16-24 have not donated or worked with a charity in the past year, compared to just 8% of people aged 65 and over.

The stats also showed that of the younger group of donors, they were significantly less likely to donate on a regular basis compared to the 65+ group.

The older group tend to give the most money and generally donate by direct debit (42%), membership fees (24%), cheque (17%) or by credit card (8%). The youngest group were more likely to support charities through a fundraising event (31%) and by debit card (15%), while those aged 25-44 are the most likely to give via text (14%).

Charitable Giving via SMS

Looking at the stats, text giving is a great tool for charities. The use of cash is decreasing, while younger groups are more likely to donate via text.

Donating via SMS is a really quick and easy way for supporters to donate. There’s no fuss around bank details, or debit and credit cards, as their donation is simply added to their monthly phone bill.

Better yet, it’s a great way for charities to increase the frequency of regular donations. With a simple text, a supporter can sign up to make regular donations either monthly or weekly.

With instaGiv, charities can easily set up customised text giving campaigns using the fully-equipped self-service platform. This gives you the tools to organise competitions via SMS, send mass outbound SMS messages, organise Gift Aid and much more.

On top of that, you’ll get expert support and guidance on campaigns from the instaGiv team.

To find out more, why not Schedule a Demo?

Increase Donations at No Extra Cost with Gift Aid Capture

Gift Aid Capture made easy with instaGiv

Gift Aid is a quick and easy way to boost donations to your charity. Supporters just need to fill in a few personal details and then UK charities can claim 25p from the government for every £1 donated.

For all successful declarations, Gift Aid will be collected on donations from the supporter from the past four years and also for future donations.

At instaGiv, we’ve developed methods that make the whole Gift Aid process much easier for charities.

Methods of Gift Aid Capture

Our Gift Aid Capture system is automated, user-friendly and designed so a supporter can donate and declare Gift Aid in just 90 seconds.

Charities have two options to choose from when it comes to capturing Gift Aid.

The first involves sending supporters a Gift Aid request message after they make a donation. Then they just reply via text with their full name and address to sign up for Gift Aid.

The other method is that supporters are sent an SMS with a link. Clicking this brings them to a Gift Aid capture webpage, where they enter their details.

With either method, once the supporter has submitted their details they are all stored on the InstaGiv platform. They are ready to be processed and verified to be sent to HMRC.

Managing Gift Aid Capture

Managing the details of supporters is also easy using the instaGiv platform. On the platform you can view all the information your charity holds about each mobile number registered for Gift Aid.

You can also keep track of the amount of money donated, which is automatically matched to Gift Aid declarations.

The instaGiv platform also tracks the verification status of your records and lets you know when your data has been fully verified and is ready to be sent to HMRC.

Gift Aid Capture with instaGiv

We offer full platform demos on our Gift Aid collection mechanism and how to process declarations. To find out more, sign up for a platform demo by visiting https://instagiv.com/contact/.

Dealing with Gift Aid is just one of the services that we offer to more than 300 charities.

Ask during your demo about how we can help you set up SMS campaigns to bring in regular and one-off donations, register donors for events and much more.

Building Relationships at instaGiv – through Volleyball!

Building Relationships with volleyball at instaGiv

Building Relationships as a Team

We recently took some time at instaGiv to do a bit of team-building. For some unknown reason, this involved a lot of awkward hopping about in an attempt at volleyball.

When the lads weren’t doing their Top Gun impressions, some of the ladies were not into the game at all, although everyone made an effort.

Monthly ‘Fun Fridays’ are an important part of the instaGiv culture. They give the  different departments the opportunity to get together and get to know each other.

So far we’ve done badminton, go-karting and some water sports. The consensus for the next seems to involve a good sit and perhaps a pub quiz!

Building relationships until it all blows over

Building Relationships with Customers

We also make efforts to build good relationships with our customers.

This involves regular contact, but also keeping them up to date using our blog and creating new content on important topics.

We’re always ready for a chat with customers, offering support and advice on SMS fundraising campaigns. We’re also on hand with some good ideas for boosting the funds raised for your charity, through the power of a humble text message.

Helping you Build Relationships

Our integrated software platform is an excellent tool to help charities reach out to potential customers.

It helps you adopt a multichannel marketing approach, where you can create, customise and compare your campaigns to work out what’s most effective.

Our features include Single Giving, for one-off donation campaigns, Regular Giving, for setting up continued donations and Competitions.

Charities can engage with their supporters, through any mobile device or using any device anytime.

To find out more, sign up for a Demo of the instaGiv platform. We’ll walk you through our platform and show you how to automate SMS sends and campaigns.

Mystery Charges? It’s Not Us, Honestly!

Mystery Charges on your account? Let us e

Mystery Charges – The Problem

We often get calls to the office from donors who are (quite rightly) annoyed because some money has been taken from their account that they didn’t consent to.

The transaction usually indicates that instaGiv is the culprit, so we usually deal with an issue like this once a week.

Yet, we are not responsible for this – your mobile phone provider is.

Mystery Charges – The Mix Up

Here’s what happens. You see a spike in your phone bill and you want to know why.

So you ring your network and ask what’s going on. The operator checks your account and notices an unusual number associated with a charge on your account. This is usually in the £10-15 range and is never a round number, there’s always a stray 20p or 50p in there somewhere.

The number involved usually has nine digits (UK mobiles have 11), but the first five digits appear to always start with 70. This indicates that the number is a Charity Shortcode and this is where the confusion starts.

Some providers (who will remain nameless!) are particularly bad at giving advice about this…

The Charity Shortcode (notice the word SHORT) is a five digit number used for raising funds, typically through SMS campaigns. It looks something like this – 70660.

Yet the number on the bill will look something like this – 700044075. It’s four digits longer. So why do network providers assume that it’s a charity shortcode?

That would be like a postman having a letter for number 12, but decided to post it to number 1 as it starts with the same number.

Mystery Charges – The Confusion Continues

It doesn’t make sense. Yet, time and time again we have people asking (sometimes in quite heated terms) why we have taken money from them without their permission.

Why do nine digit numbers show up on bills rather than the five digit shortcodes?

We honestly have no idea.

There are threads in online forums where other people discuss being charged random amounts of money by gaming app, horoscope sites and more. We somehow get sucked into this vortex sometimes, through no fault of our own.

If you’re reading this, there’s a very good chance you’ve been directed here by a poorly trained mobile network operator.

The unfortunate thing is, we don’t even know how we can help you stop it. We can only advise that you contact your provider again.

But we can honestly say, it wasn’t us that billed you.