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Fundraising via SMS – Awareness Days, Weeks and Months

Fundraising via SMS made easy

Year-round charities cram the calendar with awareness events to focus on certain causes in order to focus fundraising efforts.

They are a fantastic way to gather one-off donations and sign up supporters who want to support a particular cause, but maybe need a gentle reminder every now and then.

Fundraising via SMS

Fundraising via SMS – Covering the Calendar

Let’s take April as an example. It’s Stress Awareness Month, Bowel Cancer Awareness Month and IBS Awareness Month.

On top of that April contains Parkinson’s Awareness Week and Male Cancer Awareness Week. The month also plays host to World Autism Awareness Day (April 2), World Haemophilia Day (April 17) and World Malaria Day (April 25).

Every month is similar, with all kinds of worthy causes getting a chance to really make people aware of the good work they do and make a push for donations.

Fundraising via SMS – Single Giving

Awareness events is where instaGiv’s text donation tools really come into their own. Our Single Giving service gives charities a text shortcode which they can add to their marketing materials during the campaign.

Then all supporters need to do to make a one off donation is to send a simple text!

Single Giving has proved popular time and time again both with donors and with some of the UK’s largest charities including The British Red Cross. This is because it is a quick way to spread the message to loads and loads of potential supporters and a hassle-free way to gather lots of donations.

Fundraising via SMS with instaGiv

Setting up effective fundraising campaigns for awareness days or months couldn’t be easier with instaGiv.

It only takes half an hour for us to set up your SMS keyword and get fundraising.

We also aim to have all new accounts and requested keywords set up in the same working day.

To find out how instaGiv’s SMS tools can boost fundraising for your charity, why not Book a Demo?

A Look at UK Charitable Giving in 2017

The latest CAF report reveals a lot of info on Charitable Giving

The most recent Charitable Giving report from the Charities Aid Foundation has revealed some interesting information about how people in the UK choose to donate to charities.

They interviewed around 12,000 people to build up a picture of the charity sector in the UK in 2017.

The CAF UK Giving 2018 report reveals the extent of charitable giving and provides information on the most popular methods and frequencies of donations.

The report shows that the total amount given to charity in 2017 was £10.3 billion, an increase from 2016’s figure of £9.7 billion.

Charitable Giving – When and How

The CAF also found that November and December were the months that saw the most donations, continuing a trend from 2016. They believe that this can be attributed to various popular campaigns during these months, including Movember and appeals during the Christmas period.

Donating cash continues to be the most common way of giving money to charity, with around 55% of people using this method in 2017. Yet this is slowly becoming less popular.

The report shows that most donors tend to give “from time to time”, around a quarter donate monthly, while just 4% give weekly. Around 13% of those interviewed said they rarely give to charity and about 5% said that they never donate.

Giving online or via text both saw increases over the year, particularly in April, November and December. These increases tended to be related to popular appeals like Comic Relief and Children in Need.

There remains a consistent number giving less regularly, with 13% saying they give to charity rarely and 5% stating that they never give.

Charitable Giving – Who Gives?

Some of the most interesting information in the report concerned the donations of different age groups. The data shows that 16% of people aged 16-24 have not donated or worked with a charity in the past year, compared to just 8% of people aged 65 and over.

The stats also showed that of the younger group of donors, they were significantly less likely to donate on a regular basis compared to the 65+ group.

The older group tend to give the most money and generally donate by direct debit (42%), membership fees (24%), cheque (17%) or by credit card (8%). The youngest group were more likely to support charities through a fundraising event (31%) and by debit card (15%), while those aged 25-44 are the most likely to give via text (14%).

Charitable Giving via SMS

Looking at the stats, text giving is a great tool for charities. The use of cash is decreasing, while younger groups are more likely to donate via text.

Donating via SMS is a really quick and easy way for supporters to donate. There’s no fuss around bank details, or debit and credit cards, as their donation is simply added to their monthly phone bill.

Better yet, it’s a great way for charities to increase the frequency of regular donations. With a simple text, a supporter can sign up to make regular donations either monthly or weekly.

With instaGiv, charities can easily set up customised text giving campaigns using the fully-equipped self-service platform. This gives you the tools to organise competitions via SMS, send mass outbound SMS messages, organise Gift Aid and much more.

On top of that, you’ll get expert support and guidance on campaigns from the instaGiv team.

To find out more, why not Schedule a Demo?