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Gift Aid

Is your charity making the most of Gift Aid?


What is Gift Aid?

Gift Aid gives charities the opportunity to get an additional 25% for each £1 donated by their supporters.

Traditionally, declarations were collected via forms, with quite a lot of paperwork involved. Nowadays, it is friction-less, efficient and with a much faster turnaround.

Gift Ait is one of the most important tax reliefs for charities and it’s worth over £1.2 million to the charity sector every year, according to HMRC.

Are you promoting your donors?

Research from HMRC shows that people respond the most when they are prompted to include Gift Aid in their donation. They also responded well when they are told exactly how much was claimed the year previous and what the money went to.

You must be transparent with your donors and tell them exactly how this money is spent. Explain what more could be done if everyone claimed it on their donations.

You also need to ensure your volunteers, and supporters fully understand what the Gift Aid system is and the benefits of it. HMRC have also stated that people who understand Gift Aid are more likely to claim it when donating.

Make the right claims

Education is so important when it comes to Gift Aid. You want to make sure your employees or volunteers are explaining it fully to your donors and supporters in order to eliminate any flawed claims.  It is estimated that around £45 million is made in mistaken claims every year – more than £15 million lost due to fraud.

To ensure you are keeping on top of all your donations, regular audits and internal checks are the best practice. You should also contact long-standing donors who claim gift Aid to ensure they are still paying tax.

How can InstaGiv help you?

We have modernised the way you manage your Gift Aid from your supporters, by solely capturing it with SMS. This integrated system is completely automated, that reports in a user-friendly manner to successfully make your Gift Aid claim with HMRC.

There are two ways to capture it, via SMS or via a web form. You can select which one you prefer in the setup of your campaign in the overview area.

For both methods, the Gift Aid ask is sent via SMS at a delay after the supporter receives their thank your response message. Supporters reply to the text with their details, and for the web form method, supporters click the URL and complete the form.

The Gift Aid ask is sent out at a delay, for example, 5 minutes after your donors receive the thank-you response message. Gift Aid can be claimed on future donations and those made in the past four years.

Addresses are captured and stored in a dedicated area of your InstaGiv dashboard, where you can easily download all declarations, in preparations for processing.

Our form has been approved by the HMRC and is fully compliant. Both the form and the SMS capture all details needed and has the appropriate legal terminology.

Book a demo today

To find out more, request a demo or a call-back today. One of our friendly team members will go over everything in more detail with you.

Alternatively, for more information on this additional guidance on licencing, please contact us at any time on 028 7087 8220 or email us at help@instagiv.com.


A Look at UK Charitable Giving in 2017

The latest CAF report reveals a lot of info on Charitable Giving

The most recent Charitable Giving report from the Charities Aid Foundation has revealed some interesting information about how people in the UK choose to donate to charities.

They interviewed around 12,000 people to build up a picture of the charity sector in the UK in 2017.

The CAF UK Giving 2018 report reveals the extent of charitable giving and provides information on the most popular methods and frequencies of donations.

The report shows that the total amount given to charity in 2017 was £10.3 billion, an increase from 2016’s figure of £9.7 billion.

Charitable Giving – When and How

The CAF also found that November and December were the months that saw the most donations, continuing a trend from 2016. They believe that this can be attributed to various popular campaigns during these months, including Movember and appeals during the Christmas period.

Donating cash continues to be the most common way of giving money to charity, with around 55% of people using this method in 2017. Yet this is slowly becoming less popular.

The report shows that most donors tend to give “from time to time”, around a quarter donate monthly, while just 4% give weekly. Around 13% of those interviewed said they rarely give to charity and about 5% said that they never donate.

Giving online or via text both saw increases over the year, particularly in April, November and December. These increases tended to be related to popular appeals like Comic Relief and Children in Need.

There remains a consistent number giving less regularly, with 13% saying they give to charity rarely and 5% stating that they never give.

Charitable Giving – Who Gives?

Some of the most interesting information in the report concerned the donations of different age groups. The data shows that 16% of people aged 16-24 have not donated or worked with a charity in the past year, compared to just 8% of people aged 65 and over.

The stats also showed that of the younger group of donors, they were significantly less likely to donate on a regular basis compared to the 65+ group.

The older group tend to give the most money and generally donate by direct debit (42%), membership fees (24%), cheque (17%) or by credit card (8%). The youngest group were more likely to support charities through a fundraising event (31%) and by debit card (15%), while those aged 25-44 are the most likely to give via text (14%).

Charitable Giving via SMS

Looking at the stats, text giving is a great tool for charities. The use of cash is decreasing, while younger groups are more likely to donate via text.

Donating via SMS is a really quick and easy way for supporters to donate. There’s no fuss around bank details, or debit and credit cards, as their donation is simply added to their monthly phone bill.

Better yet, it’s a great way for charities to increase the frequency of regular donations. With a simple text, a supporter can sign up to make regular donations either monthly or weekly.

With instaGiv, charities can easily set up customised text giving campaigns using the fully-equipped self-service platform. This gives you the tools to organise competitions via SMS, send mass outbound SMS messages, organise Gift Aid and much more.

On top of that, you’ll get expert support and guidance on campaigns from the instaGiv team.

Increase Donations at No Extra Cost with Gift Aid Capture

Gift Aid Capture made easy with instaGiv

Gift Aid is a quick and easy way to boost donations to your charity. Supporters just need to fill in a few personal details and then UK charities can claim 25p from the government for every £1 donated.

For all successful declarations, Gift Aid will be collected on donations from the supporter from the past four years and also for future donations.

At instaGiv, we’ve developed methods that make the whole Gift Aid process much easier for charities.

Methods of Gift Aid Capture

Our Gift Aid Capture system is automated, user-friendly and designed so a supporter can donate and declare Gift Aid in just 90 seconds.

Charities have two options to choose from when it comes to capturing Gift Aid.

The first involves sending supporters a Gift Aid request message after they make a donation. Then they just reply via text with their full name and address to sign up for Gift Aid.

The other method is that supporters are sent an SMS with a link. Clicking this brings them to a Gift Aid capture webpage, where they enter their details.

With either method, once the supporter has submitted their details they are all stored on the InstaGiv platform. They are ready to be processed and verified to be sent to HMRC.

Managing Gift Aid Capture

Managing the details of supporters is also easy using the instaGiv platform. On the platform you can view all the information your charity holds about each mobile number registered for Gift Aid.

You can also keep track of the amount of money donated, which is automatically matched to Gift Aid declarations.

The instaGiv platform also tracks the verification status of your records and lets you know when your data has been fully verified and is ready to be sent to HMRC.

Gift Aid Capture with instaGiv

We offer full platform demos on our Gift Aid collection mechanism and how to process declarations. To find out more, sign up for a platform demo by visiting http://instagiv.com/contact/.

Dealing with Gift Aid is just one of the services that we offer to more than 300 charities.

Ask during your demo about how we can help you set up SMS campaigns to bring in regular and one-off donations, register donors for events and much more.

Turn Over a New Leaf with InstaGiv this Autumn

Autumn is a great time to check out what InstaGiv can offer your charity

Autumn has arrived at InstaGiv HQ. But instead of mourning the end of summer (all 20 minutes we had in Portstewart) we’re looking at the positives.

Swirls of firey colour in the trees and on the ground. Dark evenings remind you of all those scary myths and legends as Halloween approaches. And who misses the sun and a clear sky when you have the drama of a good storm to contend with on your walk home?

Safer to just stay indoors and check out InstaGiv

Saying as you’ll be spending a lot more time inside, we might as well tell you about a few of the great things that InstaGiv can do for your charity.

What InstaGiv Can Offer

We are of one the UK’s leading providers of mobile and digital fundraising solutions.

We work with more than 300 UK registered charities, including large national charities like Macmillan Cancer Support and Amnesty International, as well as more regional causes such as Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity.

InstaGiv are passionate about securing as much funds as possible for charities using our mobile and digital tools.

This is why charities using our services will receive 100% of the donations they raise. There are no sign up fees and no contracts to sign.

We have simple and transparent pricing structure that allows charities to scale their fundraising efforts to suit their needs.

Gift Aid, GDPR and Guidance

InstaGiv gives charities the option to add Gift Aid on all of their campaigns.

You can also ensure that you receive the proper consent from supporters for communications, meaning that you can automatically keep track of your GDPR compliance.

On top of all that, you’ll receive one-to-one support from our fantastic customer success team.

They can help you get set up on the InstaGiv platform, figure out where to focus your resources and even come up with some fundraising ideas and tips to raise more cash.

For more information, check out our services page or contact us via our website.

Gift Aid Made Easy with InstaGiv’s SMS Capture System

Increase Donations at no Extra Cost to Donors

Gift Aid, Donations, InstaGiv

Gift Aid is an easy way to boost donations for your charity.

It allows charities in the UK to claim back 25p from the government for every £1 they receive in donations.

There is a common misconception among supporters that signing up for Gift Aid means they then will have to donate more.

In fact, supporters just need to fill out a few personal details. The charity and government will then handle the rest.


Managing Gift Aid is Simple with InstaGiv’s System

Using InstaGiv’s platform, signing supporters up for Gift Aid has never been easier.

Our SMS Capture Reporting System is completely automated, user-friendly and compliant with the relevant regulations.

Instead of dealing with forms and delays, it only takes 90 seconds for a supporter to donate and declare Gift Aid.

It works like this.

When a supporter has donated to a Gift Aid enabled campaign, they receive an SMS asking if they would like to sign up.

If they opt in, they reply via text, or click a link in the SMS to fill out a form, and provide the relevant information.

The beauty of the InstaGiv platform is that signing up a supporter to Gift Aid means that any and all previous donations from the past four years are eligible. This means you can increase your revenue significantly with each supporter you sign up.

Gift Aid donations are also simple to declare, as batches of donations are prepared for HMRC.


Let’s Take a Look at the InstaGiv Gift Aid System

Declarations Tab

Gift Aid, InstaGiv, Donations


This shows all the information your charity holds about each mobile number registered for Gift Aid in your system

This includes the supporter’s personal details (name, location etc), as well as the date they registered. It also shows you the number of attempts to persuade them to sign up before success.

The Donations Tab

Gift Aid, InstaGiv, Donations


This tab shows information about the amount of money donated, which is automatically matched to Gift Aid declarations.

This screen allows you to view all eligible donations from the past four years.

It also tracks the current verification state of these records, so they are ready to send to HMRC.

The three ‘traffic light’ columns let you know when information is fully verified and ready to download in batches.

Gift Aid, Donations, InstaGiv, Charity


Check Out InstaGiv’s Range of Services

Dealing with Gift Aid is just one of the services that InstaGiv can provide.

We work with over 300 charities, including Macmillan, Amnesty International and The British Red Cross to help them boost donations and attract new supporters.

Making incredible use of the humble text, we gather both regular and one-off donations, keep in touch with supporters and ensure we are fully compliant with data protection regulations.

For an affordable price we can help you find new supporters and bring in more funds for your cause.

Why not Request a Demo of the platform soon?