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Are your Supporters Fundraising on your Behalf?

Event Fundraising

Would you like to create a team of supporters to help generate more fundraising for your charitable cause? With event fundraising, you can create an army of supporters working together on your behalf.

Each supporter is given a unique code attach to a keyword, such as GIVE_H7Y5, which acts as a tracking device. This will capture their fundraising journey directly on the platform.  In real time, you can see exactly who is raising, which funds and when.


While issuing your supporters with sponsor forms and collection buckets is a great traditional way of collecting donations, why not step out of your comfort zone and become more mobile with Instagiv’s Event Fundraising tool?

The unique fundraiser code being H7Y5 will allow you to see how well each of your supporters are performing in gathering donations on your behalf. We also can provide a ‘Totalise Page’ that allows your supporters to visit the URL at any time, enter the keyword plus their unique code and view how much they have raised thus far. It is a fantastic way to keep your supporters motivated and show them exactly how well they are doing. By letting them see on-screen exactly how much they have fundraised so far, they will feel encouraged to keep on going and smash their targets.


It’s a simple but extremely effective way to fundraise in 2018, so why not see how beneficial it will be for your summer fundraising campaigns? It is that easy!

For more information, check out our website at www.instagiv.com.

Fundraising For February

Don't forget about Valentine's Day when Fundraising for February

Now that January is finally behind us, it’s time to properly start the year. We’ve given up (or succeeded!) on the crash diets and we’re now ready and waiting for winter to end and for spring to come.

In that spirit, February is a great time to think about your fundraising plans for the coming year. It’s time to lay plans to bring in loads of donations throughout 2018.

Fundraising For February – Ideas

With the days getting longer and the weather getting a bit warmer, there are a lot of fundraising ideas that you can finally bring out of hibernation.

For example, Cancer Research UK is taking advantage of the better weather to encourage people to ‘Walk All Over Cancer‘ and walk 10,000 steps every day in March.

Perhaps set up some outdoor events to get people in the spring spirit, like picnics or a hike.

Fundraising For February – Events

There’s also lots of events coming up, both local and international, that you can use to generate some funds.

Pancake Tuesday is coming up on February 13, why not organise a coffee morning with pancakes or maybe set up a fun pancake making session to raise some cash?

Or plan something for the very next day – Valentine’s Day. You could put together some Valentine’s Cards with a portion of the price going to your charity, or hold a baking sale.

Fundraising For February with instaGiv

If you really want to kickstart your fundraising this year, then get in touch with instaGiv.

You can start running mobile fundraising campaigns for as little as £25 a month. Recent research has shown that SMS marketing is much more effective than sending emails.

You can also benefits from our online reporting, the lack of set up fees and the knowledge that your data is in safe hands.

We are already providing support and advice to more than 300 charities.

Why not Schedule a Demo and see what we could do for you?

Contact us at help@instagiv.com or call 028 7087 8220 to find out more.

Registration via SMS Made Easy with instaGiv

Event Registration made easy with instaGiv

Registration via SMS for All Kinds of Events

Organising events can be a real pain. There are so many things to consider and inevitably there will be problems that you can’t forsee that will lead to complications.

Getting people registered and set up is half the battle. Yet, that can be a problem all of its own as you attempt to collect and keep track of all the information.

This is where instaGiv’s Registration via SMS feature really comes into its own.

Registration via SMS – Easy To Reach Supporters

Registration via SMS is easy with instaGiv. Using our platform you can send text messages to supporters.

All you have to do is write a short text message and select a keyword.

The supporters can then reply with a keyword to register their interest in an event, add their name to a petition or sign up for a fundraiser.

You’ll then have clear records of who has registered and can give supporters the option to receive further messages in the future.

Registration via SMS – Cheap and Effective

SMS has a much higher open and response than email marketing. This means that you’re likely to get many more people signing up for your event via text message than you would through traditional marketing methods.

An SMS campaign would also be considerably cheaper than traditional marketing channels and also take less time and effort to set up.

There are so many uses for the humble text message when it comes to events. You can use them to say thanks to supporters that have signed up, point them towards your website or social media, or request donations.

Registration via SMS with instaGiv

Event Registration made easy with instaGiv

Registering via SMS is just one of the great SMS services that instaGiv has to offer. Your charity can also harness the power of SMS to gather more followers and bring in more donations.

Just upload a list of phone numbers to the instaGiv platform and you can start sending out messages to thousands of supporters.

You can also schedule messages in advance using the platform. Schedule a Demo today to find out more.

How instaGiv can Boost your Event Fundraising

Event Fundraising can really boost the cash you take in from your events

Special events are often one of the best ways for charities to raise funds.

Sorting out a fun day, or getting sponsored for a marathon can bring in a lot of cash.

However, with so many events on and so many calls for sponsorship from loads of worthy causes, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd.

Create an Army of Supporters

Luckily instaGiv are here to help with our Event Fundraising service.

Event Fundraising means you can create an army of supporters who are all working together to raise funds for your charity.

With our help, you can easily raise the funds you’re aiming for. Then all you have to worry about for your marathon is getting the training and costume sorted.

Event Fundraising from instaGiv can really help with marathon fundraising

It works like this.

Charities rent a keyword (e.g. GIVE_H7Y5) from us, which allows supporters to donate.

It also acts as a tracking device that captures information about who is raising funds, when and how much.

For example, if a charity is doing a marathon to raise money for cancer research, they could rent the keyword CURE.

If they have 20 supports taking part, they each get their own code to keep track of how they’re doing, e.g. CURE_HY17.

No matter how many fundraiser codes are issued, all donations will be kept separate on their instaGiv platform in the campaigns area.

That means it is easy for supporters to gather funds through texts and the charity can also see who needs a little help with their fundraising efforts.

The Journey of an Event Fundraising SMS

Each year, we work with countless charities who love the ease of this product. It enables them to broaden their reach for their audience, support and ultimately achieve a higher return of support at the touch of a button. We can create up to 100,000 unique codes to assign to your supporters.

They also love that the charity receives 100% of the donations. And the fact that they can select flexible price points for donations, choosing an amount between £1-£5, or £10.

For more information on our Event Fundraising and other great services, get in touch via our website or call 0844 259 7000.