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Content Ideas for Charities


Here at InstaGiv, we understand that it is often difficult to create content that raises cause awareness and raise the profile of your charity. There are so many charities and non-profits out there who are of similar nature, so it is often hard to get yours to stand out.
After some research, we have put together a few ideas that may help catch the eye of your target audience and supporter base.


Everyone loves visuals, right? Rather the reading reams and reams of text, a short video clip or a vlog documenting some of the work of your charity is almost guaranteed to catch the eye of your supporter base than paragraphs of text. According to My Social Networking Market; 20% of browsers will read text on a website or social channel, whereas 80% will watch a video.

The use of visuals is definitely a good call, which brings us to our next point; images and infographics. A picture can tell a story better than any type of wording can. Images are great for catching the eye and infographics allow you to place some facts and figure on there also.

Go behind the scenes

Why not create a short piece of content showing your supporters the hard work that happens either on the road or within your office environment? Everyone loves a “meet the team” or “check out our HQ” – show your audience what the day in a life of someone who works to fight the cause in which they support is like. Everyone loves a nosey behind the scenes!

Interview your volunteers

Why would this help? Volunteers are there for a reason, they often do not get paid for the time or work they give to charity. It is therefore essential to get their views, thoughts and opinions and put them at the forefront of your charity. These people give their spare time to help a cause that they feel strongly for, a clip of them in action or telling the rest of UK why they do what they do, maybe perfect to help pluck on the heartstrings of your audience.

One final point before we finish this blog, another thing that has recently surfaced after some conversations with employees in the office, we discovered that Instagram stories are a big hit at the minute. We have also seen online some facts around how most Instagram users prefer to watch the stories of those that they follow, rather than scroll through their feed. Some food for thought – sometimes we are afraid to get in front of the camera, but perhaps when you do it once, that is the barrier broken.

Written by: Caitriona McCarry, Marketing

We hope you enjoyed the read! Feel free to let us know what blog topic you would like to see; Caitriona@instagiv.com.