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New Year, New Ideas at instaGiv

Start the new year right with instaGiv's Text Giving Products

Start 2018 Right with instaGiv’s Text Giving Products

Any regrets of Christmas parties or Christmas overindulgence is fading and people everywhere are starting 2018 with earnest resolutions. It’s a great time to think about how to boost your charity’s donations.

SMS Marketing could be just the thing. It was predicted recently that it will become very big in 2018.

The State of SMS report revealed that 93% of people in the UK now own a mobile phone and if sent a text message, 98% of them will read it by the end of the day.

The report also said that around 50% of companies use SMS Marketing at the moment. This is expected to continue to grow, reaching as high as 92% by the end of 2018.

Why not get ahead of your competition by sorting out your SMS Marketing with instaGiv’s range of Text Giving Products?

Text Giving Products – Single Giving

Single Giving involves texting a code to make a one-off donation. This proved to be one of the most popular products with clients in 2017.

It really comes into its own at big fundraising events. Instead of dealing with loads of forms and cash, you simply ask people to send a single text to short number.

It’s also great for raising funds in response to emergency situations.

Text Giving Products – Regular Giving

Regular Giving is a quick and easy way to sign up donors to donate a specific amount to your cause at regular intervals.

It’s a feature that doesn’t take much time or effort to get ready and can be fully automated once it’s all set up.

Visit our blog on Regular Giving to find out more.

Text Giving Products – Ready for Gift Aid

Our system also makes it easy to manage Gift Aid. This allows charities to receive an extra 25p from the government for every £1 they receive in donations.

Using instaGiv’s platform it only takes 90 seconds for a supporter to donate and sign up for Gift Aid.

Check out our Gift Aid blog for more information.

Text Giving Products – Competitions

Our Competitions feature gives supporters the ability to create and customise contests via SMS. The system can even automatically pick winners for you.

If you have some prizes which you think will peak your supporters’ interest, take a look at our blog on SMS Competitions.

Text Giving Products – Consent

Our Consent Feature helps to ensure that charities have documented consent from their supporters for all of their campaigns.

This is particularly important ahead of the General Data Protection Regulation. The GDPR, which comes into effect in may, will mean that companies need to rethink how they deal with the personal data of EU residents.

Read more about how instaGiv can help with GDPR Compliance in our blog on our Consent Feature.

Find Out More About instaGiv’s Text Giving Products

We are of one the UK’s leading providers of mobile and digital fundraising solution, working with more than 300 UK registered charities.

InstaGiv are passionate about securing as much funds as possible for charities using our mobile and digital tools.

That’s why we have simple and transparent pricing structure that allows charities to scale their fundraising efforts to suit their needs.

Consent Compliance Made Easy with instaGiv

instaGiv makes Consent Compliance easy for charities

With the GDPR deadline looming ahead like a sort of data protection Godzilla, consent is fast becoming the hot topic in the charity sector.

At instaGiv we are working hard to facilitate compliance and respond to a growing range of approaches to obtaining consent.

Consent Compliance – Build Relationships with Your Supporters

If your charity intends to contact any existing supporter via text or other communication method, then it is essential that the proper consent be obtained. It’s good practise to obtain consent when you first engage with any potential donor.

Our Consent Feature allows you to gain permission from your supporters to communicate with them. It means you can invite them to participate in events, tell them about upcoming fundraising campaigns and let them know how their donation is making a difference.

The Consent Feature can be enabled on all of your campaigns. It allows donors to give the charity consent to contact them again when they first donate.

Following consultations with a number of key UK charities, we have built a custom consent feature into our platform, which covers both implicit and explicit consent.

When both are active, all opt-ins and opt-outs will be recorded on the platform and will appear in two separate lists. This means you will be fully compliant with the GDPR and it allows you to build better relationships with donors that have actively chosen to hear from you.

Consent Compliance – Implicit Consent

This feature allows a charity to obtain implicit consent to send further marketing. Recipients are already signed up for further communications but are given the option to opt-out.

An example of implicit consent in an SMS from a charity would be:

Text GIVE to 7XXXX to donate £5. We may contact you about this campaign and our charity. To give £5 but opt-out from further contact, reply GIVE NO to 7XXXX

Consent Compliance – Explicit Consent

This feature requires a supporter to state explicitly that they would like to receive further marketing communications.

An example of explicit consent in an SMS from a charity would be:

We’d love to stay in touch with updates about our charity. To give £5 & opt-in to allow us to contact you, reply GIVE YES. Otherwise reply with GIVE to 7XXXX

Consent Compliance – The Platform

Consent Compliance is easy with instaGiv's platform

A Consent tab has now been added to the Create and Edit campaign pages on the instaGiv platform.

From there you can choose which form of consent to enable and which marketing channels you wish to include or exclude.

instaGiv is one of the UK’s leading software providers for the charity sector.

Working with over 300 UK registered charities, we use a range of tools to help charities collect donations, run competitions and more so that they can gather support for their cause.

This usually involves SMS tools. You’d be amazed at all the things we can do using just a humble text message.

Visit our website to find out more about all the great things we can do for your charity.