Looking for more information? Our FAQ’s below may be able to answer your questions.

instaGiv is a mobile fundraising and engagement platform that helps charities raise money quickly and easily. 

SMS Giving
Our SMS donation solution lets charities set up a keyword of their choice which supporters can text to a shortcode to donate.

Mobile Engagement
instaGiv’s mobile engagement solution allows you to send outbound SMS’, create journeys and receive replies from your supporters. Keep your supporters up to date with information, turn them into monthly donors, collect address information, request one-off donations, sign petitions, gather event registrations and more

instaGiv can offer its mobile fundraising and engagement solutions to registered charities in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. To use any of instaGiv’s solutions, an organisation is required to have a registered charity number from the Charity Commission in either England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland. This is due to UK Mobile Network Operator regulations. 

If you are an individual, team or corporate organisation looking to support a charity, we would recommend that you contact the charity you would like to fundraise for and ask them to sign up to instaGiv. They will then be able to set up a keyword for you so that you can promote and raise money via SMS.

instaGiv charges to use its mobile fundraising and engagement solutions.

We have a clear and transparent cost structure: 

Inbound SMS

Keywords used for fundraising or engagement

£30 + VAT per keyword, per month

Admin charge

5% of donations 

Outbound SMS

Bulk outbound SMS sent from your account

£0.05 per message

We have no set up fees and no monthly platform cost.

The maximum that can be donated via instaGiv’s SMS donation platform is £30. 

Please be aware that UK mobile networks have a £30 per service, per day limit on how much can be spent via a person’s mobile bill. Operators may also impose a monthly cap on users’ mobile bills. We do not have access to view these caps, however supporters are able to contact their mobile operator for more information.

Donations are paid into your charities bank account once we receive them from the phone networks. Most SMS donations are paid out within 60 days (once a supporters phone bill has been paid). Once we have this we pay out all donations that we are holding on your behalf at the end of every month. 

It’s easy for donors to add Gift Aid to donations with the instaGiv platform via SMS or web link – your choice. Both methods of Gift-Aid collection gathers all the information you need to claim from the HMRC.

Our real time tracking allows you to see when these are ready for you to download and claim.

To cancel a monthly donation to a charity, supporters can either;

Text STOP to the shortcode their keyword is on, or

Request the charity email us at help@instagiv.com so that we can manually remove them.

If a supporter would like to stop the donation for one month they can text SKIP to the shortcode your keyword is on. Supporters will receive a monthly reminder that provides information on how to STOP or SKIP their monthly donation. 

instaGiv only collects and stores personal data from supporters that it requires to process the donation. In the case of instaGiv’s mobile platform the only personal information stored on supporters is their mobile phone number. 

A charity may ask supprters to text YES to opt-in to future communication or NO to opt-out of future communication. Charities are unable to contact supporters that have opted-out of receiving further communication.

Donations made via SMS will appear on a phone bill as the shortcode that the supporter texted. 

There are a number of reasons that a donation might fail, due to user error or mobile operator restrictions.

A supporter has donated the maximum amount allowed per day.

Many mobile networks impose a £30 limit on the amount that can be donated via mobile per service per day. If a supporter has already donated to other charities via our platform they will not be able to donate any more. 

A supporter has restrictions on their mobile contract. 

Some mobile networks impose a monthly limit on the amount of extra services that can be added to a phone bill each month. Additionally, supporters may have previously requested that premium SMS services are blocked from being processed on their mobile bill, this is frequently the case with business phones. Supporters can contact their mobile operator for more information. 

A supporter does not have enough pay-as-you-go-credit.

If a supporter is on a pay-as-you-go service and they do not have enough credit left, the donation will fail. 

The supporter has texted the wrong keyword or shortcode. 

If the keyword or shortcode is incorrect the supporter will receive an error message telling them the keyword was not recognised and the donation will fail. 

To receive a refund on a donation the supporter will need to contact their mobile network operator.

Setting up an instaGiv account is quick and easy. 

Complete our registration form to get started.

We pay out all donations collected via BACS. To do this we need your account sort code and account number. We also require a proof of bank account document to verify the bank account of the charity registered with instaGiv.

We also require a Direct Debit mandate to be completed. 

If you need to change the bank account details that insaGiv pays donations into please email help@instagiv.com

If our guides weren’t able to answer your question you can contact our dedicated support team.

 Our helpdesk is open:

Monday – Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Emails is at: help@instagiv.com

Call us on: 028 7087 8220